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This web site will allow you to explore into the realm of the popular video game series God of War© for the Playstation console and see how closely it actually relates to Greek mythology. The game uses many popular elements from Greek mythology, yet takes a few liberties with the actual facts in order to make an entertaining storyline. While this is suitable for the video game, many of the elements contradict with actual mythology.

Here you can navigate through different categories exploring all the different elements used in the God of War series. Accompanied with concept art from the game, each element then has its own specific page explaining how it was used in the God of War series, and how it actually relates to Greek Mythology. Basically like a compare/contrast page for each element in the game.

The games so far in the God of War series (In chronological order):

As soon as God of War III is available, I will further update characters pages as well as add new ones.

I would like to make it clear that this site does NOT cover all characters of Greek Mythology. It ONLY provides information on the ones used in the God of War series.

Have fun exploring this site and if you have any comments or questions feel free to contact me at the bottom of the page.

kratos looking at Mount Olympus